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In Sebastian Dietl’s captivating photograph, the untamed beauty of a unique river formation in Canada unfolds like a majestic staircase of water, seamlessly blending the natural wonders of the Canadian landscape with the artistry of his lens. This extraordinary image, captured in stunning detail, showcases a cascading river that resembles a breathtaking aquatic staircase, offering viewers a glimpse into the awe-inspiring landscapes that define Canada’s pristine wilderness.

Dietl’s composition skillfully emphasizes the dynamic flow of the water, sculpted by the forces of nature into a series of enchanting terraces. The interplay of light and shadow accentuates the textures of the rushing river, creating a visual spectacle that mirrors the diverse and untouched beauty of the Canadian wilderness.

This photograph not only serves as a testament to the photographer’s keen eye but also celebrates the unparalleled natural wonders of Canada. As you explore the intricacies of this captivating staircase of water, you’ll find yourself immersed in the tranquility and raw power that define the Canadian landscape.

Sebastian Dietl’s portrayal of this captivating river staircase serves as an invitation to explore the untouched corners of Canada, a visual journey that beckons nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Through his lens, this extraordinary natural phenomenon becomes a beacon for those seeking to connect with the pristine beauty of Canada’s riverscapes. Experience the majesty of this captivating staircase of water, a testament to the unparalleled wonders that await in Canada’s vast and unspoiled wilderness.

Albert Canada


Mounting and Framing

Find here more information about picture production and frames.

Picture printed in HD photo paper under 0.08″ glossy acrylic glass. Printed to the edge, mounted with aluminum-dibond 0,12″, and ready to hang.

Frame Options
  • Wood Floating Frame
    • Sizes 30×20, 36×24, 42×28, 48×16, 60×20 – width: 0.59 in (15 mm)
    • Sizes 46.5×31, 60×40,  72×24, 84×28, 90×30 – width: 1.2 in (30 mm)
  • Slim Aluminum Art Frame
    • Sizes 30×20, 36×24, 42×28, 48×16, 60×20, 72×24 – depth: 1 in (25 mm)
    • Sizes 46.5×31, 60×40 – depth: 2 in (50 mm)
    • Colors: black and silver
  • Roma Italian Frame
    • Sizes 30×20, 36×24, 42×28, 48×16, 60×20, 72×24 – 2.7 in (70 mm)
    • Sizes 46.5×31, 60×40, 84×28, 90×30 – 4.1 in (104 mm)

Custom format: maximum size 94.4 x 48 in.  Artwork can be matted upon request.

Contact us for special customizations.


Prices don’t include taxes. Taxes will be calculated at the check out, depending on your location.


Free shipping to the USA, Canada, and most European countries.


Limited editions are numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Open Fine Art editions are unnumbered.

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