Tree of Life

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Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Sebastian Dietl’s photograph of the Tree of Life within the tranquil confines of a Japanese garden encapsulates a moment of profound serendipity and meticulous planning, as he beautifully articulates in his own words:

“The money shot” in photography, as in many other aspects of life, people make plans, but often things turn out differently; therefore, it’s always important to expect the unexpected, as they say…

Yet, once in a while, good planning leads to the exact result you had planned for in the beginning. This shot is an example of that. This incredible tree shows its colors only a few days each year. Weather is another crucial factor to consider. On that particular day, the clouds opened up to make way for the sun, just as most of the other photographers had given up. Planning and patience, with a little help from Above, really paid off …”

In this extraordinary photograph, the Tree of Life stands as a testament to the intersection of meticulous preparation and the unpredictable whims of nature. Bathed in soft, golden sunlight, the tree’s branches reach out gracefully, adorned with delicate blossoms that bloom for only a fleeting period each year.

The tranquil Japanese garden surrounding the tree provides a harmonious backdrop, with meticulously manicured paths, serene ponds, and lush greenery that complement the tree’s ethereal beauty. This scene evokes a sense of calm and reverence, inviting contemplation and reflection.

Sebastian Dietl’s patience and unwavering dedication to capturing this moment are evident in the stunning result—a photograph that freezes in time the Tree of Life in all its resplendent glory. It’s a reminder that sometimes, amidst meticulous planning and persistence, the universe aligns to create a masterpiece that transcends expectations, offering a glimpse of the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Portland, Oregon, United States.


Mounting and Framing

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Picture printed in HD photo paper under 0.08″ glossy acrylic glass. Printed to the edge, mounted with aluminum-dibond 0,12″, and ready to hang.

Frame Options
  • Wood Floating Frame
    • Sizes 30×20, 36×24, 42×28, 48×16, 60×20 – width: 0.59 in (15 mm)
    • Sizes 46.5×31, 60×40,  72×24, 84×28, 90×30 – width: 1.2 in (30 mm)
  • Slim Aluminum Art Frame
    • Sizes 30×20, 36×24, 42×28, 48×16, 60×20, 72×24 – depth: 1 in (25 mm)
    • Sizes 46.5×31, 60×40 – depth: 2 in (50 mm)
    • Colors: black and silver
  • Roma Italian Frame
    • Sizes 30×20, 36×24, 42×28, 48×16, 60×20, 72×24 – 2.7 in (70 mm)
    • Sizes 46.5×31, 60×40, 84×28, 90×30 – 4.1 in (104 mm)

Custom format: maximum size 94.4 x 48 in.  Artwork can be matted upon request.

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Limited editions are numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Open Fine Art editions are unnumbered.

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