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Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Sebastian Dietl’s mesmerizing photograph captures the iconic Ulun Danu Temple at sunrise, bathed in enchanting purple hues that paint the sky and perfectly reflect in the tranquil lake below. This stunning image showcases the timeless beauty of Bali’s spiritual landmark, accentuating the ethereal atmosphere created by the interplay of dawn’s soft light and the temple’s majestic silhouette.

The striking use of purple tones in Dietl’s composition evokes a sense of serenity and mystique, transforming the scene into a visual masterpiece. The flawless reflection of the Ulun Danu Temple in the still waters of the lake enhances the overall enchantment, creating a symmetrical and harmonious composition that is both captivating and serene.

This photograph is a testament to Sebastian Dietl’s artistic prowess in capturing the magical moments of sunrise at Ulun Danu Temple, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the spiritual allure of Bali’s cultural heritage. Discover the perfect blend of nature’s palette and architectural grace as you explore this evocative image, an exquisite portrayal of the iconic temple against the breathtaking backdrop of dawn’s purple embrace.

Experience the beauty of Ulun Danu Temple at sunrise through Sebastian Dietl’s lens, where the play of colors and reflection create a captivating visual narrative that resonates with the spiritual essence of Bali. Immerse yourself in the allure of this sacred sanctuary, and let the evocative tones of purple transport you to a place where natural beauty and cultural significance converge in perfect harmony.

Bali, Indonesia


Mounting and Framing

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Picture printed in HD photo paper under 0.08″ glossy acrylic glass. Printed to the edge, mounted with aluminum-dibond 0,12″, and ready to hang.

Frame Options
  • Wood Floating Frame
    • Sizes 30×20, 36×24, 42×28, 48×16, 60×20 – width: 0.59 in (15 mm)
    • Sizes 46.5×31, 60×40,  72×24, 84×28, 90×30 – width: 1.2 in (30 mm)
  • Slim Aluminum Art Frame
    • Sizes 30×20, 36×24, 42×28, 48×16, 60×20, 72×24 – depth: 1 in (25 mm)
    • Sizes 46.5×31, 60×40 – depth: 2 in (50 mm)
    • Colors: black and silver
  • Roma Italian Frame
    • Sizes 30×20, 36×24, 42×28, 48×16, 60×20, 72×24 – 2.7 in (70 mm)
    • Sizes 46.5×31, 60×40, 84×28, 90×30 – 4.1 in (104 mm)

Custom format: maximum size 94.4 x 48 in.  Artwork can be matted upon request.

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Limited editions are numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Open Fine Art editions are unnumbered.

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